2000 MNV/Xource

It is a difficult task to go on after a start that turned out very well. TRIPFOLK is Bazar Blå’s answer to the success of their first CD. The album was recorded under similar conditions as the debut but with even more extravagant ideas about production possibilities.

The result is new folk music – respectful to its origin but enhanced with a lot of sonic and stylistic experiments. Tracks like BB Cool, Sushi and Laija show the way. Half of it was recorded – thanks to quite a lot of meringue, cream, vanilla ice and chocolate sauce - in a cottage belonging to Johan’s family. To finish, they went back to the first make-shift studio .. and the mosquitoes.


Bazar Blå managed to take their music even further and audience as well as critics were not late to show their acclaim:

“.. wonderfully self secure and one of the biggest surprises of the year” – DN

“.. the super group of folk music” – VK

“.. TRIPFOLK hits bull’s eye. It takes a well planned leap out in the open and sails towards new heights of style, elegance and love of music” – ÖC