2004 MNV/Xource

Nysch is the fourth CD to emerge from the creative minds of Bazar Blå. Their appearance at WOMEX 2003 opened doors to new collaborations, tours and festivals, which brought their artistry to many fascinated audiences far outside the borders of Sweden. The music on Nysch is to a large extent a result of these adventures. The title is short for “Den nya schottisen” - the new schottis – and that is one of many musical explorations to be made here. Bazar Blå continues to break new musical ground, this time in a mostly acoustic soundscape.


Bazar Blå have a habit of using remotely located cottages to record their albums. Keeping with tradition, Nysch was also recorded in a very cosy outhouse but this time closer to Stockholm. A car full of instruments and recording equipment, three inspired musicians, and two intense recording sessions was all it took. The result is new folk music composed, performed, recorded and produced by Johan Hedin, Björn Meyer and Fredrik Gille.


"We create our music without considerations about any specific genre but with an urge to invent our own paths through the musical territories that inspire us. The music itself, rather than stylistic conventions, tells us how to play it and the expression we want to give each tune becomes our guide to choosing instrumentation and playing techniques.”