2009 Bazaarpool

This album was recorded in September 2007. As always, we had sought out a room we liked to work in. This time it had white stonewalls, an old wooden floor and, of course, a very comfortable sofa - the right ambience for creating music and a new album. We filled a van with instruments and equipment and after ten intense days we had recorded everything we wanted and felt very happy with the result. But some surprises were on the way.


Just before Björn wanted to start the final mixing of the album thieves broke in to his home and stole all the recorded material – originals as well as backups. For a while this seemed to be the end of Bazar Blå. Time, energy, budget and even the music was .. lost ..


However, left in the car of a friend, there was a single, forgotten copy of the rough mixes they made each night during the recordings. Luckily these mixes turned out to be very close to ideal and could be saved with a bit of quite creative mastering. “LOST” was finally released and was nominated for the main Folk/Worldmusic award in Sweden - Release of the year and Group of the year at Folk och Världsmusikgalan 2009 - a great honour after such adventures!