2003 Bazaarpool

The performance captured on LIVE was recorded in Switzerland and was in many ways a remarkable event. Björn lived in Zürich at the time but this was the first time the trio performed in what soon after became his hometown – Bern. It was part of the first season of concerts in the “Tonus Labor” – an intimate cellar in the ancient old town, actually used as the creative hub of some very progressive minimal music experiments where Björn was a frequent collaborator. For most of the audience this night was the first ever encounter with anything even remotely close to “Swedish” music.

Much of the anticipation, curiosity and warm atmosphere in the room turned the concert into a very strong experience that lingered on for a long time. Following an invitation to perform at WOMEX in 2003 Bazar Blå decided to release these recordings as a CD and share a special memory.