The Musicians


Fredrik Gille has spent decades traveling the Middle East, Europe, North Africa and Latin America in the pursuit of percussion - its traditions, instruments, playing techniques and musicians. A true aficionado, handpicking each instrument in his ever developing set-up according to what characteristic nuances the specific music or dance production needs. At the same time always caring about what new sound-scapes will inspire his surrounding. The rhythmical landscapes of Bazar Blå are just one of many examples of his artistry.





Johan Hedin has mastered every aspect of the Nyckelharpa. His way of using and developing this ancient instrument has made him a role model for many – both younger and older players. New constructions and technical solutions to accommodate highly set musical standards are constantly on the drawing board of this creative musician. Musically he also follows a bidirectional path. On the one hand digging through many hundred-years old manuscripts in search of forgotten traditional dance repertoire and on the other, using these traditions as a springboard to new music in collaborations with musicians from other genres.




Björn Meyer is a passionate creator of ways to expand the musical potential of the bass. The instruments he uses – six-string acoustic and electric bass guitars and bass-mandola, developed through years of discussions with master luthiers and string makers - are as unique as the way he plays them. In order to express musical ideas he often finds the use for unseen and self-invented playing techniques but also specially designed electronic possibilities, which all become unmistakeable trademarks of his style and make him an integral part of the sound of any project he takes part in.