The Recordings


Their debut album from 1998 “Nordic City” was directly nominated for a Grammy in Sweden and has become a modern classic for generations of musicians in and out of the Swedish folk-music scene.


The second CD - “Tripfolk” (2000) - contains the irresistible and stylistic experiments such as BB Cool and was followed by “Live”, recorded in Switzerland 2003.


“Nysch” (2004) was also nominated for a Grammy and won the Danish Music Awards as best foreign folk-album.


“Lost” - was released in 2009 in spite of that all original recordings where stolen before the final mixing could start – one forgotten copy of rough-mixes was found in a friends car and could be saved!


In 2016 Bazar Blå celebrated 20 years as a band with the release of ”Twenty”. Just as much as it marked their anniversary as a band, this music is also a celebration of the rare friendship that has kept them together for all these years. A unique musical and personal connection which inspires them to push boundaries and develop as musicians and as a collective.


Their latest release - ”MALMÖ 1999” came after they realised that they all had really fond memories of some of their older songs. After browsing through the archives in search for special recordings, it wasn't long before they found a real treasure - a live recording of a concert in Malmö in 1999! After some technical post-processing and 21 years after the concert, the album is released in 2020.



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