Bazar Blå – three master musicians from Sweden who have spent the last twenty years refining their sound and defining a space of their own in the world music scene. 2016 they released their sixth album with yet another groundbreaking repertoire - “Twenty”.


Bazar Blå creates new music that manages to be just as Swedish as it is globally irresistible. Using percussion, bass-guitars, bass-mandola and nyckelharpa - an ancient Swedish folk instrument – this trio has many addictive ways of spellbinding listeners.


2016 marked their twentieth anniversary as a trio. To celebrate this remarkable collaboration they created a totally new repertoire, which became their sixth album. Seven very intense years since their last recording serve as the backdrop of an extraordinary musical road trip. Once again this next evolutionary step of Bazar Blå’s unique sound, proves that the musical magic is just as addictive as when the first steps were taken all those years ago.


As frequent travellers through cultural and geographical landscapes, these three musicians are also frequent collaborators with many world-renowned artists outside of Bazar Blå.

Björn is an integral part of the Tunisian Oud magician Anouar Brahem’s latest projects but feels just as comfortable in the heavily groove oriented music of Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin. Johan brings his unique musicality into collaborations with multi instrumentalist Esbjörn Hazelius, concert organist Gunnar Idenstam and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra while Fredrik provide unmistakeable magic to a wide array of boundary-crossing productions. Dance-performances at stages such as the Düsseldorf Opera House as well as the music of Algerian singer Karima Nayt or Tarraband all thrive in his rhythmical universe.

Similar to how ants build their hills - Bazar Blå is the common “hill” where even the most unlikely influences can be brought in, analysed and transformed into new shapes refining the art of the trio.


“The role of Swedish musicians and their impact on the world’s music scene is undeniable. Bazar Blå is yet another proof of the thriving and prosperous musical culture of the nordic countries. The virtuosos of this trio offer a palette of unique sounds and a deep intimacy that no listener can avoid relating to. Although loyal and respectful to their Swedish roots, Bazar Blå humbly shapes their boundary-free musical net so fine that ears become keen to get caught in it!”

Ramin Sadighi – Hermes Records, Iran - Winner of WOMEX 15 Professional Excellence Award